Hi! I'm Paul.

I started my coaching journey in 2017 fuelled by a passion to help others change and improve their life.

My passion to help others grew through my own life changing journey to better health, a better mindset and a better lifestyle.

I had dropped out of school at a young age and pursued a career in construction. Before long I realised that construction wasn’t the right career choice for me. Instilled with the belief that I couldn’t change careers due to my lack of education, I got stuck in a rut. I fell into a bad mindset, a bad lifestyle and my health started to decline as a result. I gained weight, felt lethargic and had no motivation or confidence.

Eventually I hit rock bottom and knew that things needed to change. Instead of hoping and wishing that my circumstances would change, I decided that if it was meant to be, it was up to me! I took action and I started working on my health, mindset and lifestyle. Within a short space of time everything started to improve. I felt happier, healthier and more confident.

I went from working on my own health, mindset and lifestyle to working on my career and other areas in my life that needed improvement. I started a bootcamp in Sydney (where I lived for 12 years) and I quickly grew it to one of the largest boot camps in Sydney training over 500 people within 5 years. 

After my success and experience of working with clients in a group setting, I wanted to work with clients on more of a 1-1 basis to help them in other areas of their life. I found that my boot camp clients would thrive while they were at my classes but outside of boot camp they were struggling. I wanted to help my clients more holistically, embodying a whole approach to health, mindset and lifestyle.

With a new found passion, I moved my business online where I could work with clients to bring them through a complete lifestyle change. This model of coaching has been a complete success for all of the clients I now work with and it’s very fulfilling to see them making lasting changes in their life as a result.

I’m qualified as a personal trainer and life coach making me a perfect fit as a coach for you if you are struggling with your health, mindset and lifestyle.

All the power, all the love.


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